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Vac-Seen™ Works in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

How It Works Step 1

Capture Individual's ID
Scan an ID card to identify the individual.

Step 2

How It Works Step 2

Select Details
Tap in the event details on the Scanner.

Step 3

How It Works Step 3

Transfer captured data into your
computer, then import into your
Employee Health or HR software.

Automate Event Capture

Vac-Seen™ is highly customizable and capable of matching the settings in your Employee Health and HR software. Vac-Seen™ can integrate your events, screening questions and consent agreements into an easy to read summary sheet.

• Immunizations
• TB Testing
• Respirator Fit testing
• Biometrics
• Meeting Attendance
• Evacuations
• Mass Dispensing
• Custom Surveys



Securing Protected Health Information (PHI) is a priority in today's world. Although employee health data is exempt from PHI, Vac-Seen secures the data as if it were PHI.  Data is encrypted to AES-256 and the Scanners are password protected.



Works With Your Employee Health and HR Software

Vac-Seen™ is compatible with almost all Employee Health and HR software including customized systems.

• Agility EHR™
• Stix®
• PeopleSoft®
• Lawson™
• BD Respond/Protect™
• OHM®
• Medgate™
• Excel/Acess®

And many more!



Information captured by Vac-Seen™ can be saved in a format compatible for upload into your current Employee Health or HR software. In addition, all information is archived in files that is accessible with Microsoft© Excel™.






Vac-Seen™ Implementation Packages

• For a standard facility, Vac-Seen™ implementation is easy and straightforward.

• For larger more complex implementations Caraflow™ recommends a implementation package that offers a higher level of support.

For more information on our Implementation Packages please click here